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Fat Baggers Drop Solo Seats - Narrow

Fat Baggers Drop Solo Seats - Narrow

Fat Baggers Drop Solo Seats - Narrow

Standard and Narrow seat options available for riders of all sizes. Standard Drop Seats are recommended for riders approximately 5’7 in. or taller. Narrow Drop Seats are designed for riders under 5’7 in. who need to sit closer to the ground for better footing and control of their bike. The Narrow Drop Seat also bumps the rider forward 2 in. for better reach.
• Total bolt-on kit-no welding or cutting involved
Note: Frame kits sold only as complete (a seat and side panel kit must be ordered with each frame purchase). ABS brake models require an additional purchase of ABS Brake Manifold Relocation Plate, P/N 400544, models with saddlebag rail guards require Saddlebag Rail Caps, P/N 400560. Trained professional installation recommended.

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